Posted by: fvbcdm | April 13, 2012

Easter Friday (13 April 2012)

In addition to this weekend beginning with Friday the thirteenth, there are much more serious considerations for us to think and pray about on these days. On April 14, 1912, the great luxury liner Titanic, about half-way into her maiden voyage from England to New York, struck an iceberg an hour or so before midnight.  The collision ruptured several of her watertight compartments, causing her to take on seawater much more rapidly than she could pump it out, and about two hours after the tragic collision, the already famous ship broke in half and plunged to the bottom of the north Atlantic at a depth of about 13,000 feet.  There were approximately 2224 human beings aboard; 710 of them were saved by the use of lifeboats; the other 1514 men, women, and children either drowned or froze to death in the seawater whose temperature was 28 degrees Fahrenheit that night.  Four degrees below freezing.  One of the saddest events in peacetime history, especially since the eyes of the world were on the great ship on its maiden voyage and due to the prominence of some of its passengers.

In addition to that, a number of other events took place on April 15th.  President Abraham Lincoln died in 1865, having been shot the night before at a theater in Washington, D.C. just five days after the end of the Civil War.  Saint Damien de Veuster, the leper priest of Molokai, died on April 15th in 1889 and has very recently been canonized.  And in a far lesser category, but very important to me, my classmates and I were ordained to the priesthood on April 15th, 1963—forty nine years ago.  These events give us all food for thought and prayer, and I ask for your prayers in thanksgiving for the sacraments of Holy Orders and the other divine gifts which are made available to the people of God by the exercise of the priesthood of Our Divine Lord.  Thank you for seeking God’s truth. God bless you.  Father Victor Brown, O.P.

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