Posted by: fvbcdm | April 27, 2012

Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel (26 April 2012)

During most of my childhood and youth, I lived in Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in New Orleans.  I went to the parochial school of that name; there I received my first Holy Communion; there was I confirmed by Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel.  There, I celebrated my first solemn Mass after my ordination in 1963.  And there we children were taught by the Sisters to have a special devotion to the Mother of our Lord under her title of Our Lady of Good Counsel; that devotion was celebrated on April 26, so this day and date is special for me.  

The notion of having many different titles for Our Lord, His Mother, and various other realities of our religion like the Holy Trinity, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Precious Blood of Christ, the Holy Spirit, leads to the use of litanies, in which we invoke the Triune God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother, and others under a series of titles which, when taken together, give us a rich concept of that person or those divine Persons. Often we recited the Litany of Our Lady either in school or church, and when we came to Our Lady’s title of “Mother of Good Counsel” we felt a special pride in calling her by the title of our parish and school.  The same thing happens now, when we use the Litany of the Saints, and some of our favorite saints are invoked in the litany.   How nice it is to be able to address our heavenly Mother as Mother of Christ … Mother of our Creator … Mother of our Savior … Mother of Good Counsel …Virgin most merciful … Cause of our Joy … Ark of the Covenant … Gate of Heaven … Queen of Angels … Queen of the most Holy Rosary … and so on.


Heaven knows we need good counsel in the many doubts and decisions of our lives.  We find people writing to “Dear Abby” or “Miss Manners” or some other columnist in the newspapers, asking advice in matters of all kinds from very serious moral questions to wedding etiquette.  Let us remember that the last time that Our Lady speaks in the gospel, she says to the headwaiter at the marriage feast of Cana, referring to her divine Son: “Do whatever He tells you.”  You simply can’t get better advice or counsel than that. Thank you for seeking God’s truth. God bless you.  Father Victor Brown, O.P.


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