Posted by: fvbcdm | January 2, 2014

Solemnity of Mary Mother of God (1 January 2014)

It is Friday, January 1, [2014].  It is the first day of the new year; the first Friday of the month of January, the solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God, the world day of peace.

When we say the “Hail Mary” as we do so often, we address the Blessed Virgin Mary as, “Holy Mary, Mother of God.” In Latin they say “Mater Dei” or “Deipara.”  In Greek, Theotokos; in  some of our modern languages, Mere de Dieu, Mutter Gottes, Mae de Deus, Madre de Dios, and on and on. It was the Council of Ephesus in the year 431 that solemnly and infallibly proclaimed that Mary, Our Lady, IS the Mother of God and not just the Mother of the human Jesus.  There had been much controversy about this point of doctrine before that; since then the matter is settled and we happily pray to her daily, “Holy Mary, Mother of God.”  We begin each year with the solemnity of Our Lady under this beautiful title, and with her help, we wish to rededicate, reconsecrate ourselves to the loving and obedient service of God her Father, God her Son, and God her Spouse by whose overshadowing she became the Mother of Our divine Lord Jesus Christ.

Then, this weekend brings us to the Sunday after the Octave of Christmas, which in our new liturgical calendar is the solemnity of the Epiphany.  On that feast day we commemorate the first time that Gentiles, as contrasted with Jews, were informed of the birth of the universal Savior and led to find him with Mary his Mother in the town of Bethlehem. So within a period of just three days we have the solemnities both of the Mother of God and the Epiphany when we rejoice that the whole world and not just the people of Israel began to coming streaming to the feet of Christ whom they always have found, and always will find, with Mary his Mother, as Sacred Scripture tells us.  Thank you for seeking God’s truth.  God bless you.  Father Victor Brown, O.P.

Note:  This is a CDM composed by Father Brown in the past.


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