Posted by: fvbcdm | January 14, 2014

Feast of Saint Sava (14 January 2014)

Today, as I approached my computer monitor, there was a message for me from a friend telling me that Pope John Paul II is to be beatified on May 1 of this year.  He marveled at the fact that a man whom I saw many times during my sabbatical in Rome in 1995/1996 and with whom I had the immense privilege of concelebrating Mass and then exchanging a few words after Mass will soon be a blessed, and then, quite possibly a canonized saint even in my own lifetime.  These thoughts make holiness seem very close, and heaven just around the corner.  It was on the morning of January 22, 1996—a gray, cold, rainy day—that I waited outside the great bronze doors of the Vatican palace with the others who had passes to attend the Pope’s Mass in his chapel up on the upper floor of that venerable building. 

After that most special Mass, we were ushered into his library across the hall from his private chapel where he soon appeared and began going to each of us to shake hands, give us each a rosary, and exchange a few words.  I noticed that he began to speak to each of those present by asking, “Where are you from?”  To save him the need to ask the question, as he got to me, I said, “Houston, Texas.”  He opened his eyes widely and repeated loudly, “HOUSTON!”  Just a few years before that, he had visited San Antonio, but I’m not aware that he ever came to Houston.  But even then, he might have been aware that plans were afoot to make of Houston an archdiocese, to make of Texas only the second state in our nation with two archdioceses, and to confer upon the new archdiocese the dignity of having a Cardinal as its bishop.  In any case, you can imagine how happy I am to know that very soon the marvelous Polish Pope will be Blessed John Paul II, and I will take greater delight than ever in the two photographs of him and me together which hang on the wall of my room here. Thank you for seeking God’s truth.  God bless you.  Father Victor Brown, O.P.          

Note:  This is a CDM composed by Father Brown in the past.


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