Posted by: fvbcdm | January 17, 2014

Feast of Saint Anthony of Egypt (17 January 2014)

On the front page of the Houston Chronicle this morning, there was an article describing the fact that surgical abortions have decreased in numbers over the past few years.  On the face of it, that sounds like good news to us who value human life, but unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily mean that fewer babies are being destroyed.  It might simply mean that more women are choosing to kill the children in their wombs by using the various kinds of contraceptive devices and pills, especially the new “morning-after pills” rather than having surgical abortions.

What I find interesting about today’s article is that it explains that the “morning-after” pills bring about a miscarriage by causing the pregnant mother to “expel the embryo” from her womb.  Those are the very words that the article uses: “expel the embryo.”  Up until now, the secular press has usually catered to the pro-abortion people by using softer, more euphemistic terms to describe abortion.  They usually call it “terminating pregnancy.” That sounds better than “having an abortion,” “expelling the embryo,” or simply, “killing the baby.”  I see this as a step in the right direction.  If you are going to commit murder, then call it murder.  To try to conceal the horrendous crime and sin of killing an unborn child by calling it “terminating pregnancy” is like saying that a serial killer “terminates the vitality of others.”

A friend of mine who is very much involved in the pro-life movement in Corpus Christi, Texas, gave a talk in a debate some time ago between a pro-life candidate for mayor of that city and a pro-choice candidate (pro-choice, by the way, means that a woman should be able to choose to kill, or not to kill, the child she has conceived.)  During the discussion, my friend was accused of trying to impose his “narrow sectarian beliefs upon a pluralistic society.”  In simpler words, his opponents are accusing him and all pro-life advocates of trying to stop the killing of unborn children.  My friend answered: “the fact that a fetus is alive is not a narrow sectarian belief, but a scientific fact arrived at by the observation of movement and growth … a new set of physical and genetic fingerprints or DNA, a new heartbeat, new brainwave, new set of organs.  The fact a fetus is a member of the human species is not a Catholic dogma, but a fact that scientists affirm after observing the 46 chromosomes uniquely distinctive of the human species. … Recognizing the humanity of the unborn is demanded of everyone by the facts affirmed by science itself.”

The choice of language in the article today seems to me to indicate that we are getting a little closer to calling a spade a spade — to calling murder murder.  If, as science abundantly proves, the unborn child is a human being, then killing him or her is murder, plain and simple. And there is no moral difference between killing a baby a few weeks before his/her birth and killing him/her a few weeks after. Yet, we call it abortion in one case and murder in the other, and our legal system smiles upon the former, while condemning the latter.

Right now, some 1,200,000 unborn babies are destroyed in this country each year. Frightening, isn’t it? When will their blood, which cries to heaven for vengeance, call that vengeance down upon our nation?  Thank you for seeking God’s truth. God bless you. Father Victor Brown, O.P.

Note:  This is a CDM composed by Father Brown in the past.


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