Posted by: fvbcdm | April 23, 2014

Easter Wednesday (23 April 2014)

That wonderful little occurrence that took place on the afternoon of the first Easter Sunday is a source of unending inspiration to Christians down through the ages, and of course, to us, too, right now. We find the story told in the gospel according to Saint Luke in the Mass for this Wednesday in the octave of Easter.

We don’t have time here to analyze the whole story carefully; that would take a lifetime. But let me point out to you just one beautiful little prayer that the two men on the way to Emmaus address to Jesus, without knowing who he is. He has been talking with them, helping them to understand the scriptures and to see why the passion and death of the savior was necessary. Hope begins to flicker again in their hearts. Could this man be right? Could they also have been right after all? When they get to their destination, he appears to be going on farther. But they want him to stay, to tell them more, to reawaken their hopes in Jesus of Nazareth, to prove them to have been correct in thinking that Jesus was, in fact, the promised messiah. So they say to him, “Stay with us, sir; it’s getting dark; the day is practically over.”

That simple little request is tremendously moving. Whoever this stranger is, he is causing their hearts to burn within them, as they admitted later. They love hearing him speak; they want to hear more. So they request, even implore, him: stay with us. It’s getting dark. How often in our lives are we discouraged, disillusioned, confused, without hope, without optimism? In those cases, to whom do we turn? To Our Lord, of course. Very often it is only he who can make things right. God has a solution to every problem; the ability to bring good out of what seems to be evil.

Not only can we use that little prayer of the men going to Emmaus in our little daily difficulties, but also in the larger course of our entire life. Our life in this world is like a day. It has its dawn, its noontime, and its sunset. We are all drawing closer to that sunset a day at a time. And as we grow older and begin to have the physical ailments that accompany old age, we can pray even more sincerely: stay with us, Lord; it’s getting dark. But that darkness will be conquered by the eternal dawn of heaven, in which we will be with the Lord and he with us forever.       Thank you for seeking God’s truth. God bless you.  Father Victor Brown, O.P.

Note:  This message was composed some years ago


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