Posted by: fvbcdm | July 17, 2014

Feast of the Scillitan Martyrs (17 July 2014)

It has been said that Saint Francis of Assisi was the most Christ-like of all the saints. Certainly, he was among the front-runners for that distinction. And we are all familiar with one of the prayers that he composed: it begins: “Lord, make me a channel of your peace . . .”

Matthew’s gospel tells us of how Jesus sends his apostles out on one of their early preaching missions. Among the other instructions he gave them was this: “As you enter a house, wish it peace. If the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; if not, let your peace return to you.” It was no doubt from this that Saint Francis got the inspiration to pray that he might be an instrument of Christ’s peace.

Peace was defined by Saint Augustine as “the tranquility of order.” A beautiful definition; a beautiful concept. Would that the tranquility of order existed in our hearts, in our words and actions, in our families, our social circles, our nation, and the world in which we live.  Unfortunately, that is not the case. War, terrorism, the abuse of one human being by another in many ways—these are what keep this life from being heaven on earth.

We cannot stop war, terrorism, crime, abortion, the sexual sins which lead to the death of the soul, the mind, and the body. But we can certainly pray with Saint Francis: Lord, make ME a channel of your peace. We can do our best to bring the tranquility of order into our thoughts, our words, our actions, and the little world over which we have some influence. Let us adopt as a special motto those words—those first words—addressed to the assembled apostles by Our Lord after his resurrection from the dead. He said to them: Peace be with you. Let us try to approach every person with whom we have any contact with those same life-giving words: Peace be with you. If we possess the tranquility of order, it will communicate itself to them and we will be truly channels of the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for seeking God’s truth. God bless you. Father Victor Brown, O.P.

Note:  This Message was composed some years ago.


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