Posted by: fvbcdm | July 28, 2014

Feast of Saint Samson (28 July 2014)

There is an old saying I’m sure you’ve heard. It says: our relatives are thrust upon us; thank Goodness we can choose our friends! We have a situation of that kind in the gospel when our Lord is preaching to a group of disciples and his blessed mother and some of his kinfolk appear, wanting to talk to him.  Someone tells him that they are on the periphery of the crowd. He will, of course, go to them. But he seizes the opportunity to make an important point in his preaching. He wants to make it clear that mere physical relationship is not important in his view, but rather a kinship of the heart and the mind. It is not primarily because they are related to him by blood that his mother and relatives are important, but because they do the will of God, which is the greatest of all reasons why a human being can be considered important or favored.

Jesus makes this same point on another occasion during his public life. He was preaching to a crowd, and a woman, impressed by his wisdom and sanctity, exclaimed as any mother might do, “Happy is the womb that bore you and the breasts that nursed you!” In other words, how fortunate is your mother to have a son like you.  But Jesus countered: Rather, happy are those who hear the word of God and keep it. We might sometimes envy those who lived at the time of Jesus, who knew him personally and could see and hear and converse with him. But if we expressed that envy in words, he would say to us: don’t envy them. Some of them turned against me. One of my apostles betrayed me; one of them denied me. Many of my disciples left me. It is far better for you to be alive now, 2000 years after my earthly life, if you will imitate my burning desire to do the will of my heavenly Father. Those who do that are far more happy, more blessed, more fortunate than those who associated with me on a daily basis but failed to grasp my basic gospel, either on a permanent or a temporary basis. And my basic gospel is always this: Love God, and do his holy will. Thank you for seeking God’s truth. God bless you. Father Victor Brown, O.P.

Note:  This Message was composed some years ago.


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