Posted by: fvbcdm | October 13, 2014

Feast of Edward the Confessor (13 October 2014)

There are two things I=d especially like to call to your attention today. First, it’s the [97]th anniversary of Our Lady’s last appearance at Fatima, when thousands of people watched in awe as the sun seemed to spin like a top, throwing off bright colors in all directions, and then to dislodge itself from its place in the sky and fall toward the people. Then, it seemed to return to its normal place in the sky. For us Dominicans, Our Lady’s appearances at Fatima are particularly significant because there she said of herself, “I am the Lady of the Rosary.” And the Rosary has been identified with our Order for centuries.

Second, today is the day we celebrate the [522nd] anniversary of the “discovery” of America by Christopher Columbus, when he and his party came across one of the Bahamas which he named San Salvador—Holy Savior. Christopher Columbus “discovered” America in the year 1492 in the sense that he awakened among the people of Europe the knowledge a great land-mass across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe even though there had probably been Norsemen on our shores previous to that.

Columbus’s three ships—tiny in comparison with our sailing vessels of today —sailed west into the uncharted reaches of the Atlantic. The flagship was called the Santa Maria—the Holy Mary or Saint Mary. Each night, when the sun went down, the three ships gathered together since it was dangerous to risk losing one another in the primitive navigational systems of the time. All the crew members came up on the decks of the three ships, and there they recited their night prayers, ending with the singing of the Salve, Regina: Hail, Holy Queen. How beautiful it is to think of that ancient and beautiful prayer to the Mother of God ringing out for the first time in that endless expanse of water on the way from the Old World to the New, a voyage which brought her Divine Son to the peoples of the Americas.

Since then, never has a day gone by without people in this hemisphere of ours calling upon the Immaculate Mother of Christ and using her holy name as a means of honoring her divine Son. And please God, never will such a day occur. As long as time will last, the Church founded by Our Divine Lord will last, gathering people into its sanctuary. And as long as the Church will last, there will be deep devotion to Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, and to his blessed mother who says so accurately of herself in sacred scripture: All generations will call me blessed. Thank you for allowing God to love you. God Bless you. Father Victor Brown, O.P.

Note:  This Message was composed some years ago.


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