Posted by: fvbcdm | January 19, 2015

Feast of Saint Henry of Sweden (19 Jan 2015)

Yesterday at Mass, I mentioned abortion in my homily. Is that an appropriate topic for a monastery of cloistered nuns? Yes, I think so, since the Sisters should be aware of the principal sins and evils of our time so that they can pray for their eradication.  And surely the holocaust of abortion is one of the greatest.  It is particularly heinous because it is a sin brought about by another sin. Couples, either married or otherwise, engage in sexual activity out of lust, and without having any desire or intention of bringing new life into the world, which is why God made us sexual beings to begin with. So, if conception occurs because of their immoral actions, then they kill the baby by abortion.

In response to my homily, one of the Sisters showed me a letter that she had received from a Sister of the Good Shepherd who is teaching nursing at a state-run university in Communist China.  It’s an exciting letter and very moving.  She is there because the Chinese government wants to take advantage of her expertise in nursing.  They do not know that she is a Catholic religious, and she must be careful not to allow that to become known.  She might be thrown out of the country, or even killed. In her letter, she reflects upon the fact that there she is, in the midst of an enormous nation which is officially atheistic and pro-abortion, doing what she can to share with her students our Christian and Catholic esteem for human life, and for God’s will and plan for human sexuality and reproduction. Hers is a voice crying in a wilderness; nevertheless, it is A VOICE of one who cannot but have some effect upon other people of good will.

When you read a letter like that, you realize that we are still, in places like China, in the days of the catacombs and of the martyrs. In this country, Catholic pharmacists are having to give up their jobs in some places for refusing to sell the so-called “morning after pill,” which causes a woman’s body to expel a fertilized ovum which is, in fact, a human being which is then flushed down the toilet. This situation is the glory to which the sexual revolution and women’s liberation have led us. The Planned Parenthood people and the women for pro-choice don’t mention the fact that more than half of the human beings killed by abortion, whether by knife or by chemical, are women.  Thank you for seeking God’s truth, God Bless you.  Father Victor Brown, O.P.

Note: This message was composed some years ago.


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