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Feast of Saint Peter Chanel (28 April 2015)

Catholic Daily Message for the Feast of Saint Peter  Chanel (28 April 2015)

Back in the early part of the 20th century, there was an English/Irish playwright and man of letters named George Bernard Shaw. He was an arrogant man, who had very definite opinions on most subjects, including religion. He said that he hated Christianity, because due to its emphasis on the cross, it should have been called crosstianity, and he decided that there was something evil about any religion that venerated a cross or any form of capital punishment.

In the Gospel, Our Divine Lord says, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all things to myself.” Jesus was lifted up three times in the sense in which he uses the term. He was lifted on the cross, he was lifted out of the tomb, he was lifted into heaven by his ascension forty days after his resurrection.

All my life has been lived in the presence of the crucifix. We had at least one in my home when I was a child; every one of the classrooms of my grade schools and high school had a crucifix on display; and in religious life, we have crucifixes everywhere. Recently I went to visit one of our nuns from this monastery in the public hospital here in Lufkin. I noticed to my sorrow that there was no crucifix in her room. Once, I had to spend an entire month in the Veterans’ Hospital of New Orleans because I had hepatitis. I obtained a picture of Our Lord on the cross and had it placed on the wall where I could see it. Just the other day, I read about some sophisticated woman who wanted her child to have the good education offered by a Catholic school in her town, but she was put off by the fact that there was a crucifix in each classroom of the school. She said that she didn’t want her child to be surrounded by all those depictions of death in the school building.

A crucifix is not primarily a depiction of death. Rather, it is the depiction of the great love which God has for us. That love prompted the Son of God to take upon himself our human nature which includes a material body, and human mortality, that is, the ability to die. It is true that Jesus died on the cross, but it is even more true that just about 36 hours later, he rose from the tomb to new and eternal life which he wants to share with us. So a crucifix is our way of reminding ourselves that God loves us, that Jesus laid down his life for us, and as he himself said, “Greater love than this, no man has.” His death is so important a part of his divine mission that even after his resurrection, he kept in his body the holes in his hands, feet, and side, made by the nails and the spear of his executioners. We call the day on which Jesus died GOOD Friday. We sign ourselves with the Sign of the Cross. The cross is a beloved symbol and a reminder not of death, but of love, and resurrection. Thank you for seeking God’s truth, God Bless you.  Father Victor Brown, O.P.

Note:  This message was composed some years ago.


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