Posted by: fvbcdm | August 21, 2015

Feast of Pope Saint Pius X (21 August 2015)

Saint Pius X was elected pope in 1903, and he died in 1914. The motto that he chose for his pontificate was “to incorporate all things into Christ.”

Think about that. The word “incorporate” means “to bring into the body,” from the Latin “in corpore,” — in the body.  Remember that we speak, as Saint Paul does in the New Testament, of “the mystical body of Christ,” which is the Church.  Jesus is the head of this spiritual reality; we are the members; and the Holy Spirit is the soul of it.  Each of us — you and I and every human being past, present, and future, is a cell within this supernatural reality. The question is: what kind of cell are we? Are we a healthy cell, contributing to the good of the whole body, as we hope the cells in our own bodies are? Or are we somewhat diseased, or even cancerous so that we become, as they say in medical science, malignant, spreading malady to the surrounding cells and eventually killing the entire body?

How do we keep ourselves in good shape spiritually so as to contribute positively to the well-being of the mystical body of Christ?  Every person who is living in union with Jesus is contributing to the well-being of his body in this world. Every person who is living in sin is detracting from the well-being of the mystical body of Christ. They are either useless cells, not making a positive contribution, or they are cancerous, malignant, spreading evil around themselves to infect even the good cells. We live in union with Jesus by keeping the commandments, by prayer, by reception of the sacraments, by acts of kindness to our neighbors, by trying to learn more and more about God and his revelation to us.

The mystical body of Jesus is IN this world but not OF it. It belongs to a higher dimension of reality.  I can often look at a person and tell whether he is young or old, in good physical shape or not.  But I cannot look at a person and know whether that person is pleasing to God or not.  Only God can read hearts and know us inside out.  You and I walk upon this planet now.  But are we on our way to heaven or not? Are we friends of God or not? I who am sending this message and you who are reading it, presumably are interested in our relationship with God. We want to be incorporated into the body of Christ. We want to be spiritually healthy, contributing, participating, of some value to the kingdom of Christ our Lord. Let us pray today through the intercession of Saint Pius X that we may be incorporated in Christ and that we may remain in that blessed condition until the moment of our death, and then on into eternity. Thank you for seeking God’s truth, God Bless you.  Father Victor Brown.

Note:  This message was composed some years ago.


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