Posted by: fvbcdm | January 19, 2016

Feast of Saint Vincent of Saragossa (19 January 2016)

Over the past  three Sundays, we have celebrated the solemnity of the Epiphan, the feast of the Baptism of Our Lord by Saint John the Baptist in the Jordan River, and then the third element of the whole Epiphany cycle, namely, the miracle of Our Lord at the wedding feast in Cana. Those three events in the life of Jesus have traditionally been grouped together as the manifestation, or epiphany, of the divine Person who has become a man. The coming of the magi, the baptism of Jesus, and the changing of water into wine at Cana.

I love this story of the wedding feast at Cana. When that young man asked his wife-to-be to marry him, neither of them could have dreamed that their wedding would be the most famous in the history of the world. There have been lots of famous weddings, involving emperors and kings and wealthy people and popular sports or entertainment stars, but you can be sure that eventually they will be forgotten.  But that wedding in Cana will be remembered and read about as long as the world will last because it is recounted in the gospel according to Saint John, which will be read to the Christian community and meditated on until the end of time.  We don’t know the names of the young couple nor much about them.  We can assume that they were of modest means since the refreshments provided for their wedding reception ran out.

Our Lady was there, and she noticed that something was wrong. Realizing what was going on, her motherly heart was moved with pity for the bride and groom. How embarrassing it would be if it became publicly known that they ran out of wine at their wedding reception! So she approached her divine Son and said to him very simply, “They have no wine.” It is obvious from the way Jesus reacts to her words that he knows that she expects him to do something to remedy the situation. He replies by saying in effect, “Why are you telling me this? The time for my miracles hasn’t come yet.” Be that as it may, Our Lady knows that her divine Son can solve any problem. So she says to the caterer, “Do whatever he tells you.” That is the last time that the Mother of Jesus is directly quoted in Scripture. But what a command upon which to make her exit from the drama of salvation! DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU! It would be very well for us to form the habit of thinking, every time we see an image of Our Blessed Mother, that she is saying to us: “Jesus is my Son. Do whatever he tells you.”

We know the rest of the story. Our Lord produced for that modest little wedding at a very small village in an obscure part of the world somewhere between 120 and 180 GALLONS of wine. And by doing that, he insured that that wedding would become the most famous one in the history of mankind. God bless you.  Father Victor Brown, O.P.

Note:  This message was composed some years ago.


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