Posted by: fvbcdm | January 27, 2016

Feast of Saint Angela Merici (27 January 2016)

In the news these days is a story which shows the beauty and the ugliness of human life and serves as a striking symptom of the world in which we are living.

About two months ago, a young woman in Houston, I suppose, gave birth to a baby boy. That simple fact causes a number of questions to arise in my mind. Is she married? Does she know who the father of the child is? Did she get any prenatal medical attention for herself and the baby? Did she want the baby? Where and under what conditions was the child born? The news reports don’t mention any of these facts because they don’t know them.

What they know is that the young woman was seen in a service station somewhere between Houston and San Antonio. She had the baby with her, along with some diapers and things that a baby would require.  She was behaving strangely, and those who are familiar with such cases judged her to be heavily under the influence of narcotics.  While she and the baby were in the service station, a couple on their way across the country to California happened into the same service station.  And the young mother offered to GIVE them her baby! Have you ever had an experience like that? Has anyone offered to give you her baby? Fortunately, the couple acted intelligently and responsibly.  They accepted the offer, took the baby and the supplies that the young mother had, and went on their way.  When they got to California, they notified the authorities and now the baby is safely in the hands of child protective agents. No information has been available from the mother because she is “incoherent,” according to the news reports.

I wonder if she has been on drugs during her entire pregnancy. If so, then that baby has a very slight chance of a normal life, normal intelligence, normal health, normal development.  In any case, we have here a drug-ridden woman having a baby, willing to give the baby away to people whom she knew nothing about, and then a couple who, providentially, showed up at the right time and place to take the child and do for it the best they could. The mother, of course, could have aborted the child, or simply left it in a garbage can after its birth, as is done sometimes.  At least she carried the child to term and then gave it to someone.

This is a sample of life in our country right now. This is what the billion-dollar drug industry can do; this is what the sexual revolution can do; this is what the collapse of morality and the collapse of the family can do.

Let us pray for that baby, his mother, his father, and let us thank God for the actions of the couple who took the child to safety. And then, let us pray for our society and culture in which things like this happen. Even wild animals don’t intoxicate themselves with drugs and then give their offspring away! Thank you for seeking God’s truth.  God bless you.  Father Victor Brown, O.P.

Note:  This message was composed some years ago.


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