Posted by: fvbcdm | May 31, 2017

Feast the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (31 May 2017)

On the last day of May—the month dedicated to our Blessed Mother—we celebrate the feast of the Visitation.  This was the event that transpired immediately after the Annunciation.  The archangel had told our Lady that her kinswoman was six-months pregnant.  Our Lady lived in Nazareth in Galilee in the north part of the Holy Land. Elizabeth and her husband Zachary lived in Judea, south, near Jerusalem.  It was usually a three-day trip on foot from the one location to the other.  People traveled in caravans, bringing with them all their food and drink needs, and, at night, they wrapped themselves in blankets, slept under the stars or in whatever shelter they could find.  Travel was not easy in those days, especially for the poor.

When our Lady entered the house of Zachary and Elizabeth, the two women embraced one another, and their children, each in the womb of his mother, were pressed close to each other.  The more developed child—in the womb of Elizabeth—leaps for joy, as we are told in Sacred Scripture.  And Elizabeth is inspired to know that her young cousin Mary is carrying in her womb the Savior of the world.  Scripture also tells us that, at that moment, the unborn child of Elizabeth, who was to be the great Saint John the Baptist, is filled with grace.  This is why we will be celebrating his birth towards the end of June; whereas ordinarily we celebrate the death of the saint and not their birth.

The Visitation is the Second Joyful Mystery of the Rosary.  It shows the kindness of our Lady, her eagerness to be of service to others, especially an older relative who is now pregnant for the first time.  It speaks to us of the sublime role of our Lady in clothing with human flesh the Son of God and giving Him to the world.  It also reminds us that an unborn child is nonetheless a human being.  We can venerate the unborn Saint John the Baptist, and we can adore our Divine Lord as a tiny embryo in the hidden recesses of His Mother’s virginal and immaculate body.  Thank you for allowing God to love you, God bless you.

Note:  Father Brown composed this message some years ago.  Please pray for the souls of the faithful departed, including Father Brown.

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