Posted by: fvbcdm | June 20, 2017

Feast of Pope Saint Silverius (20 June 2017)

Let’s give some thought today to the moral theology of the daily newspapers.  This morning, with my coffee, I perused the society page of our Times-Picayune and noted, to my sorrow, that a number of weddings either have taken place, or are scheduled to take place, involving people whose family names are Hebert or Landry or Robisheau or Martinez or O’Flaherty, names usually associated with Catholic families, the bride graduated from one of our Catholic high schools, so did the groom, and they are being married at this or that restaurant or hotel lobby witnessed by some justice of the peace or judge or one of our renegade Catholic priests who now supplements his income by performing weddings which are, according to the Sacramental disciplines of the Church, invalid and immoral.

And then, we priests hear so often the lament of the parents of these young people.  They sacrificed and scrimped and saved to be able to send their children to Catholic school, and here are the children embarking upon illicit unions, sometimes in civil union, sometimes simply living together without even a civil union.  The parents are confused, heart-broken, disappointed.  They felt cheated.  They believe that for all that religious education did their children, they might just as well have sent them to public schools.  Whose fault is all this?  I suspect that it is shared in by the parents, the schools, the Church, our society, our culture, our entertainment media, but, of course, the greater guilt and sin lies with the sinners themselves, regardless of the many elements that led them to do what they did.  Those decisions we leave to the merciful judgment of God.

Down the centuries of Christian history, the Church has always had its enemies to deal with.  First, the persecutions in the Holy Land itself just after the first Pentecost.  Then, the widespread persecution of the Church by the entire Roman Empire.  Then, after the conversion of the Roman Imperial government, the incursions of the Huns and the Vandals and the Norseman and the Goths and other non-Christians who inflicted so much grief upon the medieval Church.  Then, the sinfulness and corruption within the Church itself, leading to the Protestant revolt and to the so-called Enlightenment. And now, the triumph of the Sex Revolution, in which the sacredness of human sexuality and marriage means nothing but fun and pleasure and, of course, alienation from God.  Thank you for allowing God to love you, God bless you.

Note:  Father Brown composed this message some years ago.  Please pray for the souls of the faithful departed, including Father Brown.


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